Finally, “LibraryLookup” bookmarklet for my local library

Hard to believe, but it’s almost 3 years since one of the first really cool Web2.doh! mashups, Jon Udell’s ‘LibraryLookup’ boomarklet, first hit the streets. You remember this one (maybe you use it everyday?), it allowed you to query your local library’s catalogue with one click from any book-related page that had an ISBN number in the URL (like an Amazon listing, for instance).

I remember being very excited when I first found this, only to become frustrated that my local library, the GVPL, was using a library catalogue at the time that couldn’t be queried via ISBN, so the bookmarklet wouldn’t work.

So I forgot about it, until the serendipity of the blogosphere brought me back to Udell’s site today, and I thought maybe I would try it out again. And it worked!

This is very cool – I actually keep my ‘things I’d like to read‘ list basically in Amazon’s wishlist and this provides a nice tie-in for me to easily folow up now into my library catalogue to see if the book’s there. Not groundshaking, maybe, but I know this will actually increase the number of these books I end up reading and not just wishing for. – SWL

Accessibility-checking Bookmarklets

Large collection of bookmarklets to assist web developers ensuring more accessible sites. Many of these are useful more generally as design tools – for instance the ‘show and label divs with IDs’ is a neat trick that re-renders any page with all of the divs on the page named and outlined in red, useful for figuring out what needs to go where. – SWL

Bookmarklet to printout link URLs as footnotes

Likely to be the only other post before the holidays; another Christmas present, this one from Alan Taylor’s Eintagsfliegen. A bookmarklet (I think now only for IE, but apparently could be done in Mozilla) that “converts all text hyperlinks into footnotes, and lists out their URLs at the bottom of the page.” I can see a number of places where this could come in handy. – SWL