MT 3.121, Blacklist v2.01b and Comment Spam Blocking Bliss

I’m probably the last Moveable Type user to realize this, but boy does your blogging life get a whole lot easier by upgrading to MT 3 and using the newly updated MT Blacklist 2.01b release. The new Blacklist plugin very handily throws comments with too many URLs or ones on really old posts into your list of comments needing moderation without posting them to your site (in addition to blocking ones it knows outright to be spam), and the ability to batch delete pending comments in MT means that maybe 1 out 1000 comment spam attempts in the last week or so got through to my site, and dealing with them is now under a 1 minute process in the morning. And my ISP is happy because I no longer bring their servers to a halt trying to despam my blog. If you haven’t already done it, a highly recommended set of upgrades for MT users. And extremely painless too. I can feel my blood pressure going down already. – SWL

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