EdTechPost Wiki bites the dust, partially resurrected

After a stressful week last week where I had my hosting company threaten to pull the plug on EdTechPost if the MT Comments script didn’t stop hammering their servers (due to comments spammers and my not having upgraded to 3.12 yet) today I had a somewhat contrite (though not nearly enough in my book) help desk worker explain to me that they had a fatal error on one of their primary file servers that corrupted some of the data on *the secondary backup* server as well, and that, yes it was true, a yards-worth of directories on my site had made their way to data-Valhalla, never to be seen again.

I’m still waiting to see what sort of recompense they will offer me, and it better be good consider the crap they gave me about a simple script consuming too many server resources. Boo Hoo. I’ll give you something to complain about – wiping out a year’s worth of my work!!!

Fortunately, somewhere deep in the reptilian IT-administrators part of my brain (yes, I was one at one point in the past) something prompted me early this year to make a backup of the EdTechPost wiki site, even though I thought that was what I was paying the #@!#$%^$ hosting company for. So all is not completely lost, only about a year’s worth of my own wiki notes and planning. Sheesh! The hosting company shall remain nameless for now, until I see how they handle this. – SWL