Library SPLOTs – some initial thoughts

If you’re from the edtech world I assume you’ll know of the great work of old friends Alan Levin and Brian Lamb (and others, ommissions solely out of ignorance) on the idea of SPLOTs, possibly standing for “Smallest Possible Learning Online Tool.” How that idea/approach came to be is surely a long story. I can’t […]

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How to Throw a CryptoParty

I had the pleasure of presenting to a gathering of library-types at the wonderful Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference today. Time did not actually permit to throw an actual CryptoParty, which would have been ideal, but I’m still hoping I may have sparked a few folks to try one at their own library and start […]


Open Source Contribution Fund

A week or so ago my old friend and colleague Clint Lalonde posted his annual update on “Supporting What He Uses,” his annual effort to support financially some of the free and open sites and tools he benefits from. It’s something I thoroughly support and have done for years, with annual donations to Wikimedia, Creative […]