Open Source Contribution Fund

A week or so ago my old friend and colleague Clint Lalonde posted his annual update on “Supporting What He Uses,” his annual effort to support financially some of the free and open sites and tools he benefits from. It’s something I thoroughly support and have done for years, with annual donations to Wikimedia, Creative […]


The Knight News Challenge

If you’re in the library world you likely already know about the Knight News Challenge. This year’s theme is “How might libraries serve 21st century information needs?” This post is mostly a prompt to urge all libraries to check out the full list of submissions which the foundation publishes openly on the site, and a […]


3 Years in LibraryLand – What I’ve Learned So Far

Hard to believe, but August will mark three years since I joined the BC Libraries Cooperative and began my journey into (mostly Public) LibraryLand. It’s been an interesting trip so far, a decently steep learning curve both about libraries and also about becoming an IT Systems Manager. As a way to ease back into writing, […]


A New Beginning

When I started the new gig, I let EdTechPost die. Partly because I became crazy busy learning the ropes in libraryland, partly because it didn’t feel like “Ed Tech” was what I was focused on so much anymore, and partly because I felt like I didn’t have much to say anymore. But 2 years has […]