Horizon Project “Metatrends”


As you may have heard, this year’s Horizon Report has been published. I was again privileged to be part of the advisory board that helped create it.

During the course of the small foofraw that emerged last year around it’s publication I mused how it would be interesting to have some analysis looking back over the past projections. Well, it looks like someone was listening – I stumbled across this page on the project wiki (there is a corresponding page in the report, but it seems not the nice graphic) in which someone has identified the following 7 “meta-trends” extending across the 5 years of reports:

  • communication between humans and machines
  • the collective sharing and generation of knowledge
  • games as pedagogical platforms
  • computing in three dimensions
  • connecting people via the network
  • the shifting of content production to users
  • the evolution of a ubiquitous platform

What do you think? These strike me as broadly capturing many of the dynamics and innovations we are experiencing. – SWL