Just One More Book!! Children’s book Review Podcasts


Email to me asking me to blog a site almost inevitably end up in the round file, but I’ll make an exception for the playful Just One More Book!! site for a few reasons.

One is simply its subject, reviews of children’s books. As a parent of young kids I can never get enough good tips on new books to read them at bedtime. Another is the design of the site, which is simple, playful and easy to use (I really love the categories on offer, a nice way to approach kids books). And finally for a reason that is both an attraction and detraction to the site – they record all of their podcasts in their local coffee shop. As I longtime coffee shop afficiando this immediately attracted me, and the ambiance on the recordings *can* give them a nice feel, but for the most part really they just make them a bit harder to understand. Anyways, fun site, and once in a while you gotta give a little google love when someone asks. – SWL