Edtechpost’s Greatest “Hits”

So I am shutting down Edtechpost, probably forever (but who knows). From now on any writing I am doing will be at http://scottleslie.ca/

But before I shut it forever, I went back through my archives of 931 posts spanning from 2002-2013 (I was never that prolific) to pick out my favourite pieces, and ones which seemed to resonate widely with readers, so that if the URLs break (I am moving webhosts too, joining the crowd at Reclaim Hosting) they might still be found.

Over the years, I wrote a lot of different kinds of posts. Some of them were “thought pieces” (ok, call them “rants,” that’s fine too).

In 2012 I wrote a series of these investigating Open Textbooks that I am still proud of, as they helped come to the conclusion that Pressbooks was going to be a good platform for the BCcampus Open Textbook work, a decision that seems to have stood up well.

I was lucky, in no small part because of the platform the blog allowed me, to me invited to do a number of presentations throughout the years. A few that still seem to stand up ok

Part of the fun of the blog was as a place to run (and write up) some experiments

Part of blogging was writing on the network acknowledging the rest of the network. You do this informally all the time, in links to other posts, trackbacks and the blogroll. But (in part as a reaction to what I saw and still see as the ridiculous awards season that started up around the time) I took to explicitly acknowledging those who inspired me in a series of Christmas Posts that transformed into my own mock awards, “The Nessie’s”:

And this list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging an annual event that helped solidify my network by allowing me to meet many of them face to face, Northern Voice. More than just a meetup, though, during it’s first 5 or 6 years it was a transformative experience that taught me a lot.

Well, I guess that’s it. Doesn’t seem like much in hindsight, but it was fun while it lasted.