Your Favourite Open Textbook Examples?

While I predicted that 2011 would be the “Year of the Open Textbook” (and I don’t think I got that wrong), for me personally it’s looking more like 2012 will be. BCcampus is hoping to help catalyze the production of a number of open textbooks here in BC. While we’re still working on the funding, we’ve created a site to document the work and have been doing research on potential authoring models & platforms (see also the draft of my upcoming talk) as well as existing sources of open textbook content.

Another step that seems obvious to me is to find good examples (regardless of discipline) to be inspired by. Which is where you come in – I would really appreciate links to your favourite examples of open textbooks. Of especially great interest are examples of what I think of as “hybrid” open textbooks, ones that are available in all of web, print and eBook formats. While this used to be just a dream, of writing once but reproducing in many forms, this is incresingly a reality, and one I’d like to see good examples of.

So, what are your favourite examples of Open Textbooks? – SWL

3 thoughts on “Your Favourite Open Textbook Examples?”

  1. My favorite open textbook is Concepts in Calculus I, by Miklos Bona and Sergei Shabanov (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 unported). Concepts in Calculus II and III are currently being pilot tested.

    You can access the book digitally or buy a print version, buy the accompanying WebAssign homework exercises, and access the accompanying videos from The Orange Grove Digital Repository:

    You can also buy the print version from Amazon:

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