Cool Hand Luke in 5 Animated Gifs

I don’t do MOOCs. I am not a big joiner to begin with. But heck if the proposed assignments for Jim’s upcoming Digital Storytelling 106 didn’t sound like fun. So much fun that I had to do one myself, actually combine 2 of the assignments into one, using my favourite movie of all time, Cool Hand Luke. Predictable, probably, but I can watch this film over and over again. So, without further ado, here’s “Cool Hand Luke in 5 Animated Gifs”:

All I can say is – you know you have an amazing course when non-participants are submitting assignments, for fun! And one thing we definitely don’t have here is a failure to communicate 😉 – SWL

6 thoughts on “Cool Hand Luke in 5 Animated Gifs”

  1. Ah, what a great effect. Maybe I’m just a sucker for moving pictures but I like what you’ve done here. Seems many people have different ideas for creating animated gifs. What process did you use?

  2. “Any man that makes an animatediguf of me… Spends a night in the box.”

    Love it, if you ever get to Strawberry, this is a disc in the home movie collection. A favorite among favorites.

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