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Just wanted to put a shout out here to any educational technologist and educators in BC who are using WordPress (or WordPress MultiUser) in support of the educational practices, simple content publishing or resource sharing… If you hadn’t heard yet, on Thursday, February 19, 2009 (start time not announced yet, but we’re a fairly civilized bunch, so it won’t be *too* early I hope) a FREE ‘camp‘ for using WordPress in education is happening out at the UBC main campus.

The event is being held to coincide with the fantastic Northern Voice conference. The Northern Voice conference, while not free (WordcampEd IS, though), is very reasonable ($60 for the two days) and so if you were thnking of travelling to the mainland for it, sign up soon, as it is filling up fast, but also consider coming a day early and spending the day with us working on some wordpress in education challenges.

If you have never been to a camp/unconference before, I HIGHLY recommend it. Just make sure to bring your ideas, your laptop and your gumption! And please, dive into the wiki that D’Arcy has set up; the whole idea behind an unconference like this is that it will be what we make of it. Yes, there will be some pretty decent wordpress hackers thee, but there will also be those, like me, who continually fumble with it and are just as interested in *what* you can do as in how. So don’t be shy!

(And just to be clear – this shout out isn’t meant to *exclude* anyone outside of BC. Far from it; if you care enough to travel from afar, we’d LOVE to have you. Just trying to reach out to people in my particular region.) – SWL

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  1. Hi Scott, I was wondering if there are plans to do a WordPress for Education camp this year in Vancouver? Sounds like a great idea. Also how did it go in 2009?

    I’m very interested in developing sites with WordPress, and particularly for education/non-profits, so would like to keep in touch if these camps are planned in the future.


  2. Hi Vanessa, funny you should ask because one of my next posts was to be on the very subject, though currently we are planning on early June in Victoria in conjunction with the BC Ed Tech Users Group meeting. That doesn’t mean you or others wouldn’t be free to organize a camp or meetup in Vancouver, and there definitely is a hotbed of WP activity in the lower mainland schools; but in terms of my own involvement, I have a province-wide higher-ed scope, and so we are trying to take advantage of existing gatherings that would bring educators together. More soon though.

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