The Value of Openness – Creating the Horizon Report, out in the open

I am fortunate once again to be participating on the Advisory Board that is helping with the 2009 NMC Horizon Report. I say “fortunate,” because each year, I feel like I get far more than I give – the Advisory Board truly are a fount of all the latest and greatest developments being used (and influencing) education.

And while I hope you do find the report useful when it comes out in late January 2009, you too can derive much the same benefit as I simply because the process to advise on the Report takes place ‘out in the open’ on this wiki. Indeed, I honestly find the raw materials gathered in the Research Questions (as well as the ongoing hz09 tag in delicious) to be ultimately the most valueable part of the process; inevitably, in order to create a ‘unified’ picture that can be summed up in a printed report certain details are lost, smushed together, improved upon, etc. But all of the raw materials are there for anyone who cares to dig. For instance, this morning I learned about

all in one morning! And because it’s out in the open, so can you. –  SWL

3 thoughts on “The Value of Openness – Creating the Horizon Report, out in the open”

  1. Thanks Scott, it’s good to hear your findings. The tagging has gently lifted off; I pushed this in 2007, and tagged about 95% of the stuff, but now we have a lot more input.

    What I wish for (maybe Tony can do this in 5 minutes) is a tool that would tell me how many unique users used a given tag (a frequency distribution would be the cherry on top).

    The voting by emailing word docs will go away next year. I got behind, but am working on a web app for submitting votes online (I could not make Google Forms do this eloquently).

    The wiki is now read open, but I turned off the ability to automatically create accounts (you have to request access now). Last week, one solitary spammer in a certain Asian country managed to spam links into about 80 pages; looks like at one minute intervals, but they must have humany entered captchas.

    Am hoping for the truism as social software is stuff worth spamming 😉

  2. Great article. I could really use the inforation here. I had been looking for this sort of thing for a while. Thanks

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