Presenting on The 2008 Horizon Report

The good folks at Camosun College’s Distributed Education unit were kind enough to invite me to speak on this year’s NMC Horizon Report as part of their Walls Optional Distributed Education Day.

It is a little different presenting on this report – I have been truly honoured to be a part of the Advisory Board for the last 2 years, and very much stand behind the work we do there. But it isn’t “my” report, so I definitely felt a duty to represent the organizations behind it as well as I could, and so tended to be just a little less free form that I have of late in my presentation style (though we’ll see – apparently there is video in which I did start to gesticulate wildly by the end, as is my wont, perhaps a bit inspired by the master of creative chaos who I followed on stage.).

Anyways, here’s a wiki page that has both the slides and all of the URLs I used to demonstrate the 6 technologies “on the horizon”. While I did re-use some slide templates and structure from the inimitable cogdog, finding examples to illustrate the various ‘Horizon’ technologies (as well as Creative commons images to illustrate them) was definitely a fun part of preparing this. Enjoy! – SWL

4 thoughts on “Presenting on The 2008 Horizon Report”

  1. Hi Scott,

    The presentation was definitely a little less free form than I’ve seen in the past. Though it offered the folks in the room some food for thought. Those in senior admin and IT who were sitting in seemed to have a bit on their minds but I noticed a couple of times when you seemed to strike a chord. Or maybe it was a nerve?

    Good to catch up with you yesterday.


  2. Can’t be easy representing a whole whack of different views, but I thought you did a really good balancing job. You managed to walk the fine line of being objective and representing all views, but were able to inject your own personal insights into the process. While not as free form as some of your past presentations, I think for the audience that was there (3 senior IT Managers, Director of Educational Support & Development and the VP of Education all in the room), you really struck the correct tone.

    And yes, there is video and it is on the way.

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