My interview with the CogDog

As part of the cogdog’s recent tour down under, he interviewed a number of blog colleagues for quotable quotes. I just found the one I did with him now and listened to it for the first time (what, like this is a revealing admission, from a blogger?)

I must admit I’m actually kind of proud how it turned out – I must have had my coffee that day and been slightly less sleep-deprived than usual, because this is probably as coherent a statement of what I think and what I am interested in right now as I’ve produced. Thanks for the great questions Alan, and for helping me frame these scattered thoughts a little better. – SWL

2 thoughts on “My interview with the CogDog”

  1. Yes, I had really hoped to blog these great conversations I had with you, Gardner Campbell, Bryan Alexander, George Siemens… and flat ran out of time.

    I found it really valuable to have an old fashioned conversation, and I like ther punch of a 15 minute segment. May try it again going forward.

    BTW, I used the clip of you talking about “permeable organizations” in my Horizons talk:

    though technically, Benkler merely quoted the work of Barry Wellman–

    “Communities and societies have been changing towards networked societies where boundaries are more permeable, interactions are with diverse others, linkages switch between multiple networks, and hierarchies are flatter and more recursive….they cycle through interactions with a variety of others, at work or in the community. Their work and community networks are diffuse, sparsely knit, with vague, overlapping, social and spatial boundaries.”
    The Social Affordances of the Internet for Networked Individualism
    Barry Wellman et al

  2. Thanks for the Wellman quote – I knew the piece but hadn’t clicked that this is hwere the phrase “permeable organizations” comes from. It is my favourite phrase of 2007 (looks like I am 4 years late on it though).

    Where are the interviews with the others posted? I would love to listen to them. Cheers, Scott

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