thagoo – meta-search for social bookmark sites

So this kind of seems like a good idea, a site which allows you to search tags across a large number of social bookmarking sites, but somehow I expect I’ll use it as much as I use “meta-search” engines, which is to say, not at all.

If I knew I was getting the best stuff from all the sites, and it dealt well with duplication, then maybe. But my experience, which seems borne out by how hard it is to get people to shift off of their habitual search techniques, is that familiarity with the search experience (both interface and reliability of the results, and in the case of social bookmarking, the extent of your affinity or ability to control your sources) trumps the greater span of these ‘meta-‘ approaches. – SWL

2 thoughts on “thagoo – meta-search for social bookmark sites”

  1. I have also created a sort of meta search for using the power of google to search over 52 social bookmarking sites instantly.You can try it if you like.

  2. I don’t normally leave comments… but I really enjoyed your post! I will be leaving a link back here in my blogroll! Thanks!

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