Mea Culpa – I’m a Twit

And by that I mean more so than you usually think. 

Brian found it kind of rich that not 2 days after publicly dissing twitter on his blog, an email showed up in his inbox with my twitter friend request. But when pretty well everyone you read and respect tells you there’s something worth seeing, even if your initial reaction tells you otherwise, an open mind insists on further investigation, which is what I did.

And Brian and others are right, there is something new and different going on in twitter, some new “space” between blogs and IM. And while it is entirely possible for twitter to descend even below the level of “cat diaries,” just as with blogs, it’s the attention to the fact that it is social writing, if of a different type, that ultimately leads to it rising above pedestrian posts about lunch and laundry.

Time will tell if I stick with it; I am somewhat skeptical, as between their blog feeds and their various social bookmark feeds I feel already pretty well connected to my friends online, and yet there has been something of interest each time I’ve checked in, and a different kind of conversation emerging. So yes, I am a twit. – SWL

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