Wikipatterns – Wiki Patterns

Brilliant idea. Hopefully the cogdog won’t mind me scooping this from his feed, but it was too delectable to pass up. Wikipatterns are exactly that, identified patterns of users and adoption to help guide new wiki builders towards success. Each of the patterns cites numerous illustrations from well known wikis. And…it’s a wiki, so after getting an account you can add to the patterns. I notice wikispammer seems to be missing from the oddly named ‘people anti-patterns.’ – SWL

3 thoughts on “Wikipatterns – Wiki Patterns”

  1. Stewart, you’re welcome.

    And in case anyone’s reading this, I would like to nominate Stewart and the company he works with as poster kids for “having a clue” in how to engage the blogosphere (and internet in general) in authentication conversation.

    I had a reader recently asking about how to introduce a product to bloggers in a way that wouldn’t aggravate them; well instead of bum rushing the stage, take a lesson from Stewart and his colleagues. How about offering up useful guides for free and writing a wiki/book on the topic; it’s not the quick route, but I know that I will actually look upon Atlassian software in an even more favourable light because of this giving back to their communities. Next time someone asks me for wiki software recommendations, it’s bound to have some small positive effect, even unconsciously, on my thinking.

  2. Glad to see you pick up on this– I barely sniffed it, but agree that this is powerful stuff. And Stewart is doing a lot of great work in the space of making wikis something more than “WikiPedia”.

    Hoist a cold one in Vancouver for me!

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