Database of JISC-funded / ELF-related projects

We don’t really have a national-level funding body for higher ed in Canada – education is considered a provincial jurisdiction, and while there are a few bodies that have tried to help coordinate activites at a national level, in truth it is hard not to look on with envy at our commonwealth cousins in Australia and the U.K. and the seemingly comprehensive strategies for implementing eLearning frameworks that their national bodies have developed. (That said, the flip side of the argument, which I think is very valid, is that when there is no ‘central’ body, it hopefully forces your solutions to be more grassroots and come from the system itself, not be imposed upon them).

This page lists many of the JISC-funded ones in the UK. I have no idea if it is officially ok to link to this, but based on the principle of “if I can point to a public URL on the web, then it is bloggable” here it is. In addition to getting a sense for the breadth of projects currently being funded under the ‘ELF’ rubric, you can get a combined RSS feed for all the projects listed here. – SWL

Update: Apparently the more offial list of ELF projects, and one less likely to disappear, is available at, though I couldn’t see rolled up RSS feeds, which is one thing I liked about the ‘experimental’ page.