Rolling Up Furl and Del.icio.Us Feeds from Edubloggers

It seems ‘de rigeur’ for the cutting edge edtech blogger to have at the very least a Furl or bookmark account in addition to their blog (let’s not even talk about Flickr for right now).

Some, like Alan, have taken the further step of rolling their blog and Furl feeds together (and in Alan’s case his Flickr feed as well). This makes sense as it keeps the unique individual’s perspective attached to the feed.

But not everyone has taken this step; lots of folks have separate Furl and sites/feeds. I’ve been subscribing to one or two of them in the past, but wanted to get all the ed tech bloggers’ bookmark feeds in one place. So off I went to, where I created a new RSS feed that rolled up the Furl or RSS feeds from Alan, Brian Lamb, James Farmer, Greg Ritter, George Siemens, Trey Martindale, Harold Jarche, Will Richardson, D’Arcy Norman and myself. I would have added more, but these were all I could find.

So the handy thing about this is that I can subscribe to one feed in my bloglines account and see all the URLs collected by all these brainy folks. The downside is that many of these brainy folks read the same things as I do, and the same feeds as each other, and so there ends up being a fair bit of duplication in the feed.

Which leads me on to the idea that another value-added that either Furl or could offer (maybe they do?) is ‘group feeds,’ that is, a feed for a set of Furl’ers, but one that recognizes common URLs and groups them like the main site does.

Anyways, feel free to subscribe to the feed if you are interested. I don’t plan to take it down, though it is still an experiement for me to see how much useful stuff comes out of it. If you want your bookmark feed added to this feed, let me know too. – SWL

5 thoughts on “Rolling Up Furl and Del.icio.Us Feeds from Edubloggers”

  1. I’d resisted merging my various feeds for fear of messing with the signal:noise ratio. All my and flickr stuff would likely be perceived as irrelevant to the rest of the blog feed… I think I prefer to keep my feeds “pure” and let my aggregator handle merging at the UI level. But I think the merged feeds could be quite useful – combined with RSS2JS it would be handy for embedding Everything About Me into a web page, for instance…

  2. It’s an interesting idea. I haven’t really used furl too much, but I like the idea of added an rss feed for certain tags to my site’s feed. There are definitely times when I want to share a site that I’ve found, but don’t really have much more to say other than “check this out”. This provides an easy way to do so without wasting page space.

  3. he funny thing, and I can see why now when I look back at my original post, is that people seem to think I’m advocating rolling up one’s FURL and feeds with your blog post. Far from it. So far at least, I only want to read people’s blog posts in my aggregator (and by blog posts I mean more than just a URL reference), but I like this idea of having all the edtech bloggers furl feeds rolled up into one because I can keep an eye on stuff that didn’t make their blogs but maybe warrants a look simply based on the title.

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