Reusable Learning site from NSDL/Eduworks

Based on a reference in a recent intro to learning objects I went back to a site I thought I new, but instead found this newly developed resource that the Eduworks folks produced for the NSDL. It is really worth spending some time on, for both newbies and old hands alike. The section on “Fostering Reusability in the NSDL” is very helpful, and the Reusability Framework is, I think, top notch and I would be surprised if I didn’t start to see it show up more as a canonical reference. – SWL

3 thoughts on “Reusable Learning site from NSDL/Eduworks”

  1. Thanks for the pointer Scott. I have added a metadata record to my instance of CAREO and through the magic of repositores and metadata, the Reusable Learning site has been dynamically added to the “Short Course” resource list.

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