Personal Bugaboo – no pointers to online map services

This is not an edtech related post but I felt the need to rant and well, it’s my blog so I’ll rant if I want to…

It is beyond me how there still exist any institutional websites that offer ‘Contact Pages’ with their address but that don’t also use one the myriad online maps services that exist to point to an online map of their location. You know, handy sites like Yahoo Maps or Mapquest. Maybe these are the same people who think the Internet is simply a ‘fad,’ just like ‘horse-less carriages.’

Unless my relationship with the person is restricted solely to face to face or the phone (which is increasingly rare for me) I basically refuse to write out in long directions to anywhere anymore – instead, I simply point folks to a URL and let them build their own map. For instance, if you ever want to come visit my office, you can find me here. Lucky for me, there is a campus next door to the one I have to visit tomorrow (that visit having prompted the above rant) that gets it. – SWL