RSS Feeds from Repository Projects

Note what I mean here are the LOR projects (not the repositories themselves, which you can find over here) that are producing RSS feeds as a way to communicate about their projects or otherwise coordinate their efforts. These include:

D’Arcy Norman’s Learning Commons Weblog (for the CAREO/APOLLO projects)
The Resource Pool, a Eduspecs-funded test pilot of a CAREO implmentation
R2R: Learning Design – a new initiative out of University of Calgary to implement a Learning Design tool

APOLLO-DEV, the proper technical blog for the Apollo project at U of Calgary
Stòr Cùram, a blog from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland on their LOR initiative, apparently employing Intrallect’s Intralibrary

I haven’t listed CogDogBlog in here, as Alan posts on so many other things beside the Maricopa Learning Exchange, but it’s certainly not because it doesn’t deserve attention. I expect I missed other’s as well, or maybe have you filed somewhere else in Bloglines but still cover your feed. If you are working on an LOR implementation or development project and running a blog, I’d love to hear about it, include it on this list and follow along.

And what, you ask, about my own project… embarassingly, I am so swamped trying to meet our initial project requirements phase deadlines that we haven’t created anything public to date, except this space here, which is not an official ‘organ’ of the project. Stay tuned for more news, though… – SWL

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  1. ok, ok, I relent 😉 I added you to the list. Actually one of the reasons you weren’t there is because I read all of cogdogblog posts off your main feed, and this ‘collection’ represents an actual bloglines folder in my bloglines setup and so adding the MLX-specific feed there may cause me to read some duplicate posts. No biggie though, thanks to you and Brian for pointing it out. Cheers, Scott.

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