Consulting Offerings

During my career I have at various times done consulting gigs, either as my primary employment or in addition to my day job. My C.V. lists many of the organiations I have consulted for. Below is a sample of the kinds of services and projects I have successfully worked on in the past. If you are interested in contracting me, please contact me.

Research and Training Offerings

  • Software Evaluation, especially of Course Management Systems (CMS) and social software, including blogging software and wikis
  • Independant Industry Analysis of a variety of educational software sectors
  • Emerging Technology Analysis
  • Research, writing reports and studies
  • Consultation on open source projects and issues
  • Development and Delivery of workshops, talks and training sessions on a variety of internet and educational technology topics

Technical Offerings

  • Software Needs and Readiness Assessments
  • Implemention (possibly including longer term maintenance and administration) of a variety of LMS, CMS, blog, wiki and other community software packages
  • Design of comprehensive elearning architectures
  • Consultation on a variety of topics relating to learning objects, object repositories, elearning standards, and metadata issues
  • Web development project management